8 April 2014


I'm using this blog to spread the word:

My other blog, Pretty Made's Fancy, has been infected by a malware spreader, probably a third-party nastiness, since the malware scans I did can't find anything.

However, I might have to put an end to the blog and start a new one. Since this blog has NOT been infected (fingers crossed, folks...) I'm using it to spread the word: Please, tell others you know were following my blog to keep an eye out for a new one! I don't want to lose all you wonderful blog friends!!!
If I can return to the old one, you'll obviously know! :)

Love & light to all! <3

18 August 2013

Sleeping arrangements

'Just look at this room, Lucy…' Max murmured into Lucy’s ear.
'Isn’t it just the perfect room for you? Gold and glitter on the walls, a big wardrobe… You’ll like it when we get all your things in here… You’ll have your own little queendom, just for you.'

Lucy looked slightly doubtful, but she had to admit the room was definitely the nicest one in the house.
'Was this your uncle’s bedroom then? Weird colours for a guy…'

'No, he used to call this his “zen room”, never figured that one out actually… He used to have lots of rugs and floor cushions and such here…'

'I do actually like the room, it has potential', said Lucy. 'It’ll be a bit snug with us both in here though, but…'

'Babe, it’s your room. I was planning on sleeping under the stairs in the living room, there’s just enough room there for a bed and some shelves…'

'You won’t be sleeping here with me?' Lucy was getting suspicious again. 'Why the hell not?!'

'You know we both need peace and quiet for study and we sometimes study really late.  Jackie’s said she can fix up the attic and sleep there, so we all have our own space.  Don’t you get all huffy again, I’ll “visit” you often enough', Max said, tickling Lucy’s waist and planting small kisses on her neck, making her giggle delightedly and turn towards him for a proper kiss.

'MAX! LUCY!' Jackie called to them from downstairs, interrupting  the moment.

'Shaggy’s here with the van! He says he’s only got half the stuff with him, we’ll unload and then he’ll drive me to the shops! We’ll pick up the rest on our way back. Is that ok with you? I was thinking you could carry the boxes inside while we’re gone!'

'That’s just fine', Max hollered back at Jackie. 'We’ll fix it… In due time', he said turning back to Lucy, pulling her hair free from the ponytail and sliding his hands under her top.

5 November 2012

...Or not moving in?

‘Sorry, sorry, I won’t call you Luce anymore…’, Max sighed and smiled slightly. Sensitive Lucy. Why do I always get involved with the overly sensitive ones?, he wondered to himself.

’I’m getting tired and bored’, Lucy said and sat down on one of the large boxes they had carried with them. ‘When’s our stuff going to be here?’

‘Shaggy said he’d be here later today, he’s picking up Jackie’s things as well before bringing them here.’

‘Who is this Jackie anyway’, Lucy asked her voice getting slightly tense. ‘How do you know her? Where did you meet her? How often do you see her?’

‘Oh, we’ve known each other since we were kids! Uncle Jack used to live almost next door to her Mum and when I went to visit in the summer, we used to play together. We haven't seen much of each other lately, she's been living in Chicago for a few years, just the odd phone call now and then... She only moved here a few months ago and now she’s enrolled in the same uni.’

‘Well, isn’t that a coincidence…!’

‘Nah, not really. She doesn't care which uni she goes to and I'd told her we’d be getting this house to live in and needed a tenant to make ends meet.’

‘You what?!’, Lucy began huffily, but was interrupted by the front door opening.

'You guys! Hello! Boy, am I glad to see you! I've already been in with some of my stuff, the neighbour gave me the keys when she saw me coming, such a nice lady, isn't she! But there's still a ton of my things out here as you can see, and now your things need to be carried in too! Isn't this fun? Oh Max, it's so good to see you again!' Jackie's torrent of babble rushed at them from the doorstep like an avalanche of good mood making Lucy glare at her extremely suspiciously.

'Come here, girl, and give me a big ol' prairie hug!' Max laughed and grabbed Jackie into his arms holding her a tight for a long time. 'How are you? You look really good!' He could almost feel Lucy's eyes boring into the back of his head, so he lifted Jackie up in the air, her tightly one more time making her squeal with laughter and then let her go, a bit reluctantly. He then turned to Lucy.

'Jackie, this is Lucy Smith, my girlfriend. Lucy, this is Jackie Prentiss, our "tenant".'

'Hi Lucy! It's nice to meet you, you know Max and I go way back and I'm happy to get to know you, too! We're going to get along brilliantly in this house, the three of us, aren't we?'

The bubbly greeting did little to improve Lucy's mood, but she responded with a curt, civil 'Nice to meet you, too', before turning towards the front door.

'Let's get inside, guys, and get acquainted with our new home!', Jackie said grabbing a huge rug that had been left lying on the gravel outside. 'Max, be a sweetie and carry those boxes inside, I don't want Shaggy to run over them when he comes with the rest of our stuff, he can be a bit... erratic behind the wheel!'

As soon as Lucy had stepped into the house, Jackie and Max heard a gasp of horror and a hearty burst of swears and curses. 'This is an effing dump site!', Lucy screamed from the kitchen.

'Oh, come on, Luce, it's not that bad!' Max tried to appease Lucy before she got into her stride. She tended to go on a bit and turn slightly hysterical if she wasn't distracted.


'The floor's disgusting, looks like a train station toilet. The surfaces are filthy, the tabletops look like carpenter's work benches. There's no handle on the fridge door. There's no tap in the sink and the plumbing's gone!!'

'And how do you propose to use that gas stove? I bet it doesn't even work!'

Jackie shrugged her shoulders and said happily: 'We'll do a bit of cleaning and painting, we got free hands, right Maxie? The next door neighbour's, Mrs. Premise's, son is a plumber so I think he can help us, he still lives at home you know, and the rest is just your average renovating. I'm good with a hammer and so's Maxie, and you can help us with the cleaning, Lucy, so we'll sort this out quickly enough! And we do have gas and electricity sorted out, Mrs. Premise saw to that, bless her heart! So we have no problems, actually! I've got lots of household stuff coming with Shaggy's van, it'll be nice and comfy in no time! Oh, and the fridge works anyway, who cares if it's got a handle on the door as long as it keeps the food fresh!'

Annoyed by Jackie's energetic attitude Lucy turned to the chairs and acidly pointed out the condition of the wood and the seats. 'Oh, I'll fix those as soon as I get some paint and of course my sewing machine, that'll take a few days though, it's in my cousin's garage in Blackpool at the moment. She'll be coming down with it and some other things of mine on Wednesday. My stuff's been spread around the world a fair bit lately, you know,' she laughed at Max.

'When's the last time you were here?', Max asked Jackie, ignoring Lucy's stares. 'Oh, must've been at least three years ago! I left all the heavy things with my cousin Martha when we moved to the States...'

'And what about that cabinet?! It's practically falling on me!' Lucy huffed interrupting their conversation and trying to find something to stump Jackie's endless optimism.

'Nothing a few screws won't fix', Jackie responded smirking. She was getting a pretty good idea about Lucy's basic personality just by watching her expressions and the angry stares and glares she was directing at Max...

Jackie decided to ignore Lucy's attitude for the time being and suggested: 'How about I get out the brooms and start by sweeping the living room? In case we can't manage to clean out the whole house today, we might end up camping there, all of us! Max, do you know if the fireplace is in working order?'

'It should be,' Max responded hesitantly, 'As far as I know Uncle Jack saw to it the chimneys get swept with regular intervals, tenant or no tenant, that's why Mrs. Premise has the keys to the house...'

'Well, we're sorted for heat then, I happen to know there's firewood in the shed behind the house. They say it's going to be a cold night and as long as we're short on rugs and beds and proper curtains, we'll need the fireplace to keep us comfy', Jackie said and rushed into the living room looking for her cleaning equipment. 'We've got about a week and a half before the semester starts at uni, I think we can have just about everything fixed by then!', she hollered from the living room. Max and Lucy were already on their way up the stairs to check out the rest of the house.

'I haven't been here in years', Max said looking around him with a slightly saddened expression. There wasn't much of Uncle Jack left in the house. Well, he hadn't lived there in ages, but still... He used to have such amazing things hung on the walls and hidden in large trunks and chests...

Lucy had a sour expression on her face as she went in to examine the bathroom. 'Well, at least this seems to be acceptable. Apart from the stains and the cracks, that is. And the lack of shower and shower curtain', she said sulkily.

 'Baby, I'm sure it's going to be just fine when we fix it up,' Max said stepping close to Lucy and taking her face in his hands, giving her a tender kiss. 'I know you're going to love the bedroom on this floor, come and see.'

'You guys!', Jackie shouted from the living room, 'seems my cleaning stuff is in the van, not here! I'd better make a list of all the things we need and when Shaggy gets here we can see what we have and what we need to buy, I bet he can take us to the shops in his van!'

'Sure, that's ok with us, we can check the food situation at the same time', Max hollered back.

Jackie sat down at the kitchen table scribbling feverishly. 'Washing up liquid, dishcloths, oh, I need to call the plumber next door, wonder if he's cute, though looking at her Mum I doubt it... Screws in various sizes, wonder where I put my screwdriver... Blimey, that cupboard really does look like it'll fall on me at any moment, Lucy sure was right about that...' Jackie's mumbling continued as the list grew and grew. 'I wonder how my budget'll hold with all this stuff we need... Although we are three paying for it... Gotta go for the cheapest brands... Coffee, tea, sugar, flour, the usual foodstuffs... Eggs, gotta have eggs... Wonder if Lucy'll pay for anything, ever... Ok, that was just mean, bad Jackie...', she said sniggering to herself.

'Max, tell me honestly', Lucy begged as they stepped across the landing towards the bedroom, 'what is your relationship with Jackie, really?' Max raised his eyebrows in confused surprise. 'Hang on, Lucy... You're not jealous, are you?' he said, smiling broadly as the realisation dawned on him. Lucy might be a lot of things, but unsure of her charms, never... And now she looked positively embarrassed and flushed!
'Like I said, love, we've known each other for yonks. She's a good friend, that's about it. You have friends like Dale and Andrew and Jonah, I never doubt your friendships with them, do I?', Max enquired teasingly.

'Well, no, but she seems to be all... Well, you know. Bright and sunny and wholesome and American and stuff. And what's with "Maxie"? That's just horrible!', Lucy answered slightly ashamed.

Max laughed. 'Maxie and Jackie was what her Mum used to call us, she thought it sounded funny. Lucy, you know you're my girl, never doubt that, ok?' Max looked deep into Lucy's eyes and held her to him. 'Promise?'

'Oh, all right...' Lucy sighed. ' Although I'd prefer if it was just you and me, I'll even promise to try and like her despite her... enthusiasm.', she added with a slight shudder. 'Let's go and see this bedroom you mentioned.'

18 October 2012

Moving in...

'...You seriously expect me to move in to this dump?!', Lucy screeched as they walked along the short garden path and into the yard of 42 Wester Drumlins. 'This is the shittiest house on the whole street!'

'...Oh, c'mon, Luce, it's not that bad. ...Well, not compared to that abandoned one at the end of the street, anyway.' Max put down the heavy box he was carrying and smiled slightly. He'd been expecting this reaction from the lovely Lucy. 'Uncle Jack hasn't had a tenant here for a few years so sure, it's a bit... rustic, but he said we can fix it up if we want to! Free hands, he said... We'll clean it up, put up some curtains, get some nice furniture, maybe do some painting...'

'There is no amount of fixing that can make this better except for demolition! It's positively filthy, the paint is peeling, every wall looks wonky, the garden's never seen a mower, I bet it's got an infestation of cockroaches and lice, too!'

'Now, hang on, Luce! Uncle Jack's letting us live here for free and do what we like, show a bit of gratitude! It's not like we have tons of money to pay for some fancy downtown flat... And it's close to uni.'

'Will you stop calling me Luce!!'